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Ideal stress test solution

A service in constant innovation coupled with outstanding unequaled performance!

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All your attacks pass on our servers that use a technology called « IP spoofing ». For better security we reset your history every day at 00h (UTC + 2)


Our dedicated servers are connected to an unshared gigabit port, to guarantee you a great power.

Innovative and friendly platform

We offer the best performance in terms of innovation and infrastructure.

Professional and organized support

Our team is ready to accompany you at any time of the day in the event of a technical incident. The contact is established through our ticket system.

A service all in one? It's here!

We offer developers the possibility to export our resolutions and analytics utilities, an included stress tool, on their platforms for personal or for business use.

Subscribe and get your API key

Do you want to create and organize your own stress test business ? We provide you a personal API key that will be based on your account settings for the purchase of a subscription including our API service.

Time and money savings for those who want to realize a project. Why ? We take care of all the features that are available to you (updates, settings ...), no action is required from you.

Our security

Providing our customers with a secure platform without unplanned downtime is for us a real commitment.

Private communication

Our SSL encryption has an encryption capacity of up to 256-bits, full coverage of your user data is guarantee.

Encrypted data

Your personal information is encrypted in our database by a hash algorithm. We regularly update our infrastructure to minimize the leak risk.

High uptime

Our infrastructure is protected by a firewall high quality to guarantee you a high uptime.

Protected account

If your account is lost or stolen, you can reset your password using our recovery form.

What is Undisclosed?

We are all that opposition is not! Namely innovative, efficient and specialized in stress test domain.

Our project

Reflection, improvement and application. These are the three values that brought us a great and unequaled project.

Our creativity

In terms of innovation and possibilities in domain stress test we are number one in the market.

Affordable prices

No need to have a big wallet to subscribe at Undisclosed, our subscriptions have been thought and adapted for all types of budget.

A modernized platform

Dynamized with AJAX, we offer you a platform more modern than ever!

Bitcoin with us

We rely heavily on the expansion and sustainability of this cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is the future.

Accessible to everyone

No need to have a high level network to use our services. A few clicks and our systems will do the work for you.



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